Combinaciones inesperadas


Photograph by Laurence Ellis. Styled by Alex Harrington. Model: Emm Arruda at Women Management. Hair by Shingo Shibata at the Wall Group using Amika. Makeup by Susie Sobol at Julian Watson Agency using Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. Manicure by Rica Romain at LMC Worldwide using Chanel Le Vernis. Set Design by Mila Taylor-Young at D+V Management. Casting by Arianna Pradarelli. Tailoring by Lucy Falk for Christy Rilling Studio. Production coordinator: Laura Larraga Anstis. Photo assistants: Fletcher Lawrence Anstis and Andrew White. Stylist’s Aasistants: Luca Galasso and Carlos Acevedo. Makeup assistant: Ayaka Nihei

TendenciasT/Tmoda, tendencias